Gaffin Industrial Services Incorporated, a member of the Water Jet technology Association, offers professional ultrahigh pressure waterblasting services in the following areas:


Heat exchanger/boiler tube internals                                                

Tanks, rail cars                                              

Scrubbers, Quenchers, precipitators, condensers                              

Online cleaning of power plant scrubbers                                          

Conveyor belts                                                                                          

Concrete removal

Removal of hard and soft deposits such as concrete, asphalt, chemical buildup, fly ash etc.

Floor drain lancing with cutting head

Mill scale and rust removal

Holding tank/sump cleaning including rail cars

Sewers, drains, Pipelines












Gaffin Industrial's equipment fleet includes vacuum trucks that are capable of both wet and dry mobile vacuum services. We have the ability to blow off the contents of the truck to the desired locations. These trucks also, have the capability to vacuum under water with no added air. These trucks are more than capable for any situation that calls for vacuum loading services.


Professional and experienced Operators

Four stage filtration

Maximum air flow- 5922 CFM

Payload - Up to 17 Cubic Yards

Baghouse - Sixty 72" filter bags

Stainless Steel design allows for loading of corrosive materials

Blow off system at 2000 CFM on a 6" line

Vacuum under water with no air required.


Cooling Tower Containnments

Tank Cleanings (non-flammable)

Duct and Transport Lines

Theme Park Exhibits

We also specilize in sand, carbon and multimedia filter cleanings


Waterblasting -

Vacuum -