George Gaffin (1941-2014)

George Gaffin came to Florida to work in a satellite office for Bryson Environmental in 1978.  In 1979, he bought out the Bryson equipment and formed Gaffin Industrial Services, Inc.  He initially ran the business as Gaffin Environmental Services.  George then later changed the name back to its original as it stands today – Gaffin Industrial Services Inc.  Initially, he used German made WOMA equipment but later converted to NLB and Jetstream equipment.  George built the company from initially 3 employees to the current 35 employees today.  George Gaffin started working mostly in the phosphate and electrical industries and later expanded to food service, theme parks, cement plants, and many other areas.  It is with great pride that we continue our hard work and dedication in this industry the way that George strived to every day.

George Gaffin