The Sealed Access System (SAS)


The Sealed Access System (SAS) is a patent pending online/off-line cleaning system developed by Gaffin Innovations. The SAS is used for the purpose of cleaning industrial systems while they are positively charged (in operation) or when they are in an off-line condition. The main purpose of the SAS is to introduce high pressure cleaning into systems that are energized (online). The SAS allows the user (local waterblasting vendor) to maintain system pressure and to prevent materials within the system from coming out while the system is being hydro-lazed. It has a connection for a vacuum truck if the material needs to be removed without being introduced to the ground or atmosphere. The SAS is designed to be used on any pipe with an interior diameter between 2 Inches, and 24 Inches. Combined with Gaffin's unique "tracking system" the SAS can be introduced into area's that do not have a built in piping system. For example, De-mister packing within FGD scrubbers. Due to the design, the SAS can be utilized in a host of industrial systems such as Storage Tanks, FGD Scrubber systems, Ash Hoppers, Air flow Fan systems etc. This system can be owned by the interested company (so they can choose the hydro-lasing/waterblasting vendor) or Gaffin Industrial can do the online cleaning.


Sealed Access System Utilized in Chemical Plants


In 1997 The SAS along with the associated access methods was developed to help with a situation at a local fertilizer plant. The customer had various storage tanks with hazardous materials. The pump feeds from the tank were getting clogged with debris. Ultimately the pumps would get overworked trying to remove the material from the tank. The tank would have to be drained, the material disposed of, and the tank cleaned. Imagine being able to clean a transport line into a storage tank without draining the tank or the user even getting wet. The SAS allowed for instant cleaning of the pump feed entry into the tank (where the debris build up occurs). Because of the design of the SAS, the feed entry can be cleaned online with no exit of the hazardous material.


Sealed Access System Utilized in Power Plants


Tampa Electric, Florida


In 2001 (January) the SAS, a patent pending nozzle and access method was designed and implemented to clean the largest single loop wet flue gas de-sulfurization scrubber in the industry (850 MW, Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control designed, scrubber at TECO Big Bend). TECO has since installed the device hookups on all of the other scrubbers (double loop wet FGD) in their system.


Since the install Gaffin Industrial Services has responded to 11 emergency cleanings of the single and double loop scrubbers at TECO. One of the emergencies involved one of the older scrubbers (double loop FGD). The air flow was down to 150,000 CFH, after one four hour cleaning, the air flow was 470,000 CFH This is the best the system has ever run. The customer was saved a de-integration day which resulting in significant cost savings.


Seminole Electric, Palatka Florida


Seminole Electric is now able to clean their dual loop scrubber sparger systems online. Gaffin Industrial Services Inc. has successfully used the Sealed Access System to clean the sparger system of one of the power units at Seminole Electric in Palatka Florida. With some minor modifications to the sparger system, "as new" results were achieved. Since then, all of the other scrubbers (9) have been outfitted to support the SAS.


Seminole Electric has also added the ability to connect the SAS to the transport line of their wastewater tank and are now able to clean this line while the tank is full. They had a situation where the line was only transporting 600 gallons a minute. The tank was to be drained and the line was to be cleaned at a great expense. With the SAS the line was brought back to production flows, 1200 gal/min, within 1.5 hours while the tank remained in operation.


Seminole Electric, has installed the SAS to enable online cleaning of their Mist Eliminators (Chevrons). This was done in January 2004. It takes approximately 3 hours to clean the Chevrons. The pressure differential went from 0.8 to 0.4. The customer is set up to install the SAS connections on 9 more scrubbers.


Cargill Fertilizer - Tampa Facility


Gaffin has installed the online tracking system that allows for online and off-line cleaning of an Animal Feed (AFI) fan at the Tampa Florida Facility. The initial fan cleaning dropped the velocity down from 0.35 to .11 in about 30 minutes of cleaning. The fan is set up to be cleaned approximately every two weeks. Two more tracking systems are to be installed over the next 2 months.


Progress Energy Corporation, Bartow Plant - St. Petersburg Florida


Gaffin has installed the online tracking system that allows for online and off-line cleaning of 2 ID fans at the Bartow Plant in St. Petersburg Florida. The cleaning system was installed on March 3 2004. Currently the fans will be cleaned on a quarterly basis


Online Cleaning